Get ready for WordClue - the fastest word game

Prepare yourself by playing single mode, make progress and when ready, challenge and beat your friends in the fastest and most challenging word game out there! ‘WordClue’ is a new word game made by Itatake, one of the game companies at The Game Incubator.

The game idea is simple, and yet very challenging; you get clues that help you solve as many scrambled words as possible in a minute. The word dictionaries in this minimalistic game’s first version are localized for USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and Sweden, and contains more than 5,000 words for each of these countries. Every week new words are added, and the team is already working on more localizations to be launched in a near future. 

- The game mechanics are very challenging, and the key to never ending fun is to make regular content updates. This is our sixth game, and we have developed and polished it since 2015, when we launched a similar game made for smartwatches, says Itatake’s CEO Thomas Wedin.