employees to
suit your needs

Highly qualified and expert manpower is a vital competitive advantage if your company is to grow and continue developing.

At Gothia Science Park you will find thought leaders and savvy business developers spanning over a wide area of skill sets and knowledge areas. They all share the same passion for idea creation. Instrumental for innovation is to create meetings between different people and skill sets. One of Gothia Science Park's core business is to pave way for these meeting to take place. We have seen startups take off after a breakfast meeting, innovation workshop or a spontaneous meeting in the elevator.

For companies to grow, business skills and professional expertise are crucial. To help your company to reach its fullest potential and growth, we give you access to business developers and networking activities at Gothia Science Park. That means, you and your colleagues have great opportunities to hone your skills and expertise and to network with other entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

​The University of Skövde

At the University of Skövde, our neighbour, you have the chance to meet talented students for your recruitment needs as well as gifted researchers looking to work together. The University of Skövde offers courses and research within systems science, programming, computer gaming, production engineering, materials engineering, bioscience, healthcare science, economics and management studies. Every year a steady stream of fresh graduates emerges, ready to take on new challenges and contribute to your company's development.