Open Arena

Collaboration for innovation & new knowledge

GSP is an Open Arena for the sustainable development of knowledge and competence as well as new products, services and processes.
The Arena is a neutral and strategic development partner for activities within and related to our IT profile, with a particular focus on Simulation and Decision Support as well as Games for entertainment and learning.


With the help of effective processes and methods, GSP Open Arena can support individuals and companies as well as colleges, universities, institutes and other public institutions in their development work. For example, it can be all about:

  • creating the opportunity to implement ideas concerning products, services and processes within new industries and application areas
  • creating the opportunity to further develop existing technologies and competences
  • creating the opportunity to convert new knowledge into value and innovations


Within the framework of GSP Open Arena, activities are carried out that create the conditions for effective and sustainable collaborations, from network activities to project collaborations between companies and between companies and academia. By offering activities where individuals from different companies, competence areas and industries get the chance to meet, the conditions for development are created in the form of new products and services or in the form of a new application area/industry.

Examples of activities:

  • meeting places for creating new and developing existing business relationships
  • swapping between competences, everything from degree projects to R&D projects or between companies
  • seminars for competence development
  • information activities concerning development opportunities, both new ideas and funding
  • developing and managing networks with regional, national and international players in order to enable business and activity development in collaboration projects


At Open Arena, you have the opportunity to work methodically and systematically with your development project. Meeting environments, tools, methods and processes are offered here that partly help with harmonisation, and partly are designed in order for you to be able to work creatively and with goals in mind. This provides the right conditions for effective meetings, regardless of whether the objective is workshops and labs for idea development, process management for innovation or in order to create sustainable consortiums in collaboration projects.