Sweden Game Conference

Two days of
business and

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Sweden Game Conference 2013 features two tracks; one for business and one for development.
Business track: how do you prepare for and take full advantage of being praised and successful?
Development track: Artistic and technical insights and learnings from some of the greatest Swedish indie studios.

Among this year's speakers and motivators we are proud to present:

  • Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive - the company behind the smash hit Ruzzle. (Read interview in swedish)
  • Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King, the company behind the mega smash hit Candy Crush Saga.
  • Project Holodeck, who leverage Oculus Rift to create groundbreaking experiences with real space virtual reality.

There will also be appearances from Devolver, Blocksworld, Dennaton, Coffee Stain Studios. See and download the program below.

Who should attend?

Sweden Game Conference is a lunch to lunch conference that targets

  • game studio startups
  • game development students
  • parties in need of game development resources
  • visitors curious about the environment with the highest game startup and student density in the Nordic region
  • companies with a need to recruit young and skilled talent
  • academia, both education and research

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Conference and festival

Sweden Game Conference is the forum for people who are interested in video games, business, recruitment, networking, development and sales.
Swedish Game Conference 2013 is organized for the fourth consecutive year, usually attended by 200-300 game developers and students and will take place on October 3 to 4 at Gothia Science Park in Skövde. A bonus this year is that the conference is followed by a game festival that is open to the public on October 4 to 5.