Modellering av hot och motståndskraft hos kritiska infrastrukturer

Current evolutions of modern Critical infrastructures (CIs) are characterized by embedding cyber-physical systems (CPSs) that provide managerial automation and autonomic controls. This integration leads to multidimensional complex systems spanning a wide range of sectors, including transportation, energy, healthcare, food systems and financial services.

Elvira is an ongoing EU-ISF (Internal Security Fund) supported project which aims at protecting critical infrastructures and their components from threats and vulnerabilities following CPS-augmented CIs that facilitate data-rich operations. We discuss a multidimensional approach to identify CI vulnerabilities, with a special focus on power-grid CI, through cyber-threat intelligence methodologies that diagnose and classify CI-threats. The presented approach highlights decision-points along a predicted situation-awareness timeline in order to maximize CI-resilience and enable improved decision-support towards escalating incidents.

Purpose and goals: 

  • Raise awareness about cyberthreats to  critical infrastructure
  • Discuss assessment of critical Infrastructure protection and resilience
  • Explore cascading-consequences of increased cyberthreats over interdependent critical infrastructures
  • Appraise risk to reduce failure propagation  

Benefits of attending:

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Analyze your organisation readiness to mitigate cyberthreats associated with critical infrastructures
  • Evaluate the compromises between workforce and resilience plans to optimise mitigation-plans over critical infrastructure cyberthreats
  • Discern levels of cyberthreats across complex interdependencies that expose critical infrastructures and their components
  • Interpret resilience metrics and estimate your organisation gaps across critical infrastructure vulnerabilities 
  • Discuss opportunities for advancing the state of the art in critical infrastructure protection and resilience   

​Target audience:

This presentation targets critical infrastructure stakeholders with ICT and cybersecurity perspectives across a wider range of socio-economic sectors, including energy supply, healthcare services, ICT, public services, trade & industry, transport, financial services, safety and security, municipality, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and social security. 


  • Yacine Atif is Associate Professor at the School of Informatics in University of Skövde. He is member of EU-funded Elvira project on critical infrastructure protection with competence in modelling systems architecture used in the elaboration of real-time simulations of cascading-effects and resilience modelling.  
  • Ding Jianguo is Senior Lecturer at the School of Informatics in University of Skövde. He is member of EU-funded Elvira project on critical infrastructure protection with competence in cybersecurity used for cyberthreat modelling and infrastructure-interdependency analysis.
  • Manfred Jeusfeld is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Information Technology, University of Skövde. His research covers cooperative conceptual modeling, data warehouse quality management, meta modeling, method engineering, and repository systems. He is the principal developer of the ConceptBase system, which is now used by several hundreds institutes and companies world-wide for designing information systems and meta modeling.

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